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This pandemic has been harsh on all of us – physically, as well as emotionally.

I have been finding myself going round and round in circles ever since this sanitize-every-inch of every corner game began..

But I have to admit – these months also helped me connect with myself. My mindset shifted to all things natural for my skin and hair. I lessened using harsh soaps and dense – pore clogging creams and instead shifted to focussing on my diet and exfoliating and moisturizing my skin using all things natural, 85% of which are from my kitchen!

After about 2months of being on this all natural journey – one day I used a soapy facewash – and the process of the skin being too dry, then needing extra moisturise, then feeling too oily on applying moisturiser, with all this humidity in the air began all over again!

I am so happy to have received these all natural, organic and fully handmade products from Resoul by Reeya – perfectly timed with me on this journey of figuring out what natural ingredients work for my skin through the seasons.

Resoul has a rather wide range of products to choose from – all made from natural kitchen ingredients.


Resoul products are household ingredients creating magic. All products have been carefully and thoughtfully designed, keeping ingredients organic with 100% natural preservatives. These premium quality products have been thoughtfully formulated to pamper all ages and all skin types.

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