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Pre-festival season skincare and haircare essentials

Pre-festival season skincare and haircare essentials

It’s that time of the year again and we all are gearing up for the festive season. This pandemic is may definitely feel like a years-long trapped situation, but it will not stop us from celebrating our favorite festivals in 2021 as well. With all the pre-festival shopping and house cleaning, we often forget to make our skincare and haircare a priority – which would ideally improve the look and feel of the tired quarantine skin. As much as we love decking up in our best traditional outfits, it’s always our skin and hair that adds the extra charm and does the magic. So let’s ensure your skin and hair look as radiant and glowing as everything else this festival season.

Decoding steps towards healthy skin and hair:

  1.Cleansing: No skincare regimen begins without deep cleansing. One should do it from time to time to keep all toxic impurities out! (and we don’t mean just the face). Not only does it cleanse the skin and remove dirt, dust, and impurities that can build up on the skin and clog pores, it also balances the skin’s pH levels and ensures that your skin remains healthy. Once you are completely detoxified, you automatically feel light and clean. Resoul’s SHINE UP face cleanser is an all-organic face cleanser that gently exfoliates and improves the texture of your skin by reducing oiliness and premature ageing, giving your face the smoothness and radiance that shines.


  2.Scrub: To get that glow it’s necessary to exfoliate those dead skin cells. To reap maximum benefits from your skincare products it is vital to first remove all the layers of dirt and grime from the skin. A must-do step to be done once a week. It’s important that your skin breathes and regenerates, be it homemade scrubs or ready-to-use exfoliation serums. It is time to let go of those blackheads and dry skin off your face and reveal radiant and glowing skin. Exfoliate your skin with this specially created scrub, SCRUB ME that brightens the skin by removing tanning and dead skin. It is prepared with ingredients that help tighten the pores, have anti-ageing properties, help in cellulite reduction, and care for after-sun damage.

  3. Tone and Moisturize: Seal the freshness with a coat of toner as it will help you to regain that moisture back into a recently cleansed face and maintain the PH level of your skin. Top it with a good moisturizer as it’s extremely important to keep your skin hydrated and nourished and will leave your skin soft and dewy, giving a healthy glow! Let the light in your face shine with Resoul’s Divine Hydrating Face Cream which keeps your skin healthy, hydrated, and nourished. Rub Me, our hand cream nourishes and softens your skin and nails and restores suppleness and flexibility of skin. Keep one ‘handy’ at all times – in your bag, on your kitchen counter – and give some loving to your hands.


  4. Face Pack: In case, you are hard-pressed for time to get a facial at the spa, try the Glow Envy Face Pack. It has been formulated with natural cleansers that remove impurities and dead skin, treat acne, and make your face glow. 


  5. Haircare Essentials: Wash your hair regularly and oil them. Nourish your hair with the right hair oil and strengthen them. Oiling also helps keep your hair and scalp healthy and protects them from damage. From improving hair strengthen and promoting growth to reducing split ends, thickening hair, and even improving hair texture to give them a sheen, the list of benefits of oiling your hair goes on.oil-up

Bringing the best of oils of hair care in one bottle, Oil Up by Resoul is a hair oil that you will fall in love with – almost as much as your hair!  Hair masks are treatments that are formulated with oils, kinds of butter, and other nourishing ingredients. These hydrating hair masks spend more time sinking into and nurturing hair than your average shampoo or conditioner, giving dramatic benefits in a single-use. We put our hair through a lot of stress, whether it’s from heat styling, new hairstyles, or exposure to the elements. That can cause serious hair damage. Hair treatment masks can help reduce hair breakage and make your hair feel healthy—all in the comfort of your own home. Resoul’s Fresh me up gives your hair the protein it needs and gives it bounce, shine and protects them from pollution and heat. 

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Resoul products are household ingredients creating magic. All products have been carefully and thoughtfully designed, keeping ingredients organic with 100% natural preservatives. These premium quality products have been thoughtfully formulated to pamper all ages and all skin types.

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