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It’s no secret that cold weather can wreak havoc on the skin. Even in regular times, most of us struggle to keep a well-hydrated glowing skin that looks forever kissed by the sun.

However, taking care of the largest organ of the human body should not be all that difficult once we prepare for it well. The first step is to immediately start using a hydrating moisturiser. As the chill advances, other skincare routines will ensure that dry, flaky skin has no place to stay!

Some basic preventive steps to take care to keep the room heating at a low setting; don’t turn it all the way up. And while nothing beats endless minutes under a hot shower, it’s not kind to your skin. Use water that is warm enough to keep the cold out, but not hot enough to dry out your skin.

Using a heavy face cream or organic oil will provide your skin with much-needed moisture. Depending on your skin type, use it at least twice a day, if not more. While slathering on creams and moisturisers will definitely smoothen the skin from the outside, using a scrub or a gentle exfoliator will remove layers of dry skin that prevent moisture from penetrating deeper.

Creating a night-time skincare regimen will go a long way in keeping that skin soft like a baby’s bottom. After washing your face, applying a night cream is a good bet for waking up with soft skin.
An overnight face mask will ensure that the moisture stays locked in and hydrates your skin while you’re off to la-la land.

As far as possible, stick to organic and natural products. In a world where so much of what we use is synthetically created in a laboratory, this is at least one area where we have control over what we use. If you can be self-serving in loving your skin, I’ll take that any day over other options!


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