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Indian weather, especially in North, can typically be defined as extreme. From cold and dry winter to excessively hot summers, weather change can be rather harsh on facial skin, and it deserves some extra love during changing seasons.

To keep your skin and hair healthy, it is important to alter skincare routine and products with seasons. After sweltering, dry and dusty summer, monsoon months are accompanied by humidity and heat. During this time, sweat doesn’t evaporate quickly, which causes blocked pores. Also, because of moisture, skin glands to produce more sebum, giving it an oily appearance. The combination of oily skin, blocked pores and dust clinging to the skin can cause breakout and rashes.

However, it’s not all bad news since a slight change in skin care routine will ensure clean, glowing and healthy skin during the rainy season too.

Here are a few monsoon skincare essentials you cannot miss!

1) Cleanse with a non-oil/cream based cleanser

Deep cleansing of the skin removes excess oil and dirt in non-negotiable. But switch your oil and cream based cleanser with a dry mask is a must for humid weather. Resoul’s Shine Up, a dry cleanser made with almond peel is ideal for such months. Mix it with water and cleanse before bed time and wake up for fresh and glowing skin.

2) Overnight face mask

While you sleep, our skin gets much needed rest for restoration. A good overnight mask which hydrates, tightens pores and removes impurities is a must. Beauty Sleep, our overnight face mask, packed with goodness of soya and orange, cocoa butter and rosewater, is a must have for your night-time skincare routine.


3) Body Scrub

Scrub your body with a gentle, non- oil based scrub at-least once a week to peel away the tan, oil and dead skin.
Resoul’s Scrub Me, face a body scrub, packed with goodness of Coffee powder, Organic lentils, oats and Kaolin clay makes for a great pick.

Body Scrub

4) Detan Mask

After all those months to extreme exposure to the sun, monsoon is a great time to get rid of the all summer tan. Tan – Off, detan face pack, made with organic dals, sandalwood, rosemary oil and Kaolin clay not only removes tan, but also controls excessive oil production.



Resoul products are household ingredients creating magic. All products have been carefully and thoughtfully designed, keeping ingredients organic with 100% natural preservatives. These premium quality products have been thoughtfully formulated to pamper all ages and all skin types.

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