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Hello you beautiful souls out there!

Spring has sprung, and I was itching to write my next blog post on skin care for spring time!

Yesterday was the first time this year, that I felt that summer is just around the corner with the last few days of this evening nip in the air..

I notice myself going into a cleansing spree around spring time, each year! From my kitchen- labelling all the spice jars, my wardrobe, my stationery – but this time, I promised myself something – I was going to spring clean my makeup and skincare products too (an activity I have loved procrastinating!). This acts like therapy for me. I had some nice soothing music playing on spotify, I was busy decluttering my makeup drawers – and that’s when I started thinking on writing this blog post. So, here goes…

  • Transitioning from winter to spring – With all that harsh cold season that dries out our skin, we are now in warmer days. Our skin tends to hold on better to water in the warmer months than the chilly months – this in turn means that it’s time to move onto lighter moisturizers and lighter makeup. I am guilty of making this mistake in the past – and the grown up me would never do this or suggest this to anybody – and that mistake is, skipping moisturizers all together! That’s a terrible idea, if you have oily skin, you can shift to an even lighter moisturizer. The same rules work for makeup – I see myself shifting to lighter weight foundations and concealers – I also tend to move away from the creamy based makeup, and instead choose matte / powder based makeup.
  • They call it Spring Cleaning for a reason! – As I mentioned above, spring time for me is de-cluttering time! It’s like my soul is on reset mode for the rest of the year. And I feel our makeup deserves that kind of attention and care too – especially since it’s something that is used on our faces, the same faces we are otherwise so protective about – yet we end up using dirty brushes and expired makeup. I am guilty of this one too! But I promised myself that this is something I will not repeat! So, get down to cleaning up those make up brushes and sponges in warm soapy water – once a week if you use them daily, and once in two weeks if you are an occasional makeup applier like me. For skin care and makeup products – Check the expiry – Ask yourself whether you have used the product in the last 6 months. Do you see yourself using it in the coming summer months? If not, discard it. Your skin is precious – be selective about what goes on it!
  • Gentle Exfoliation it is for the warmer months! – Even though the spring months may lead to some of us having skin that feels nicely moisturized, others like me – tend to have dry noses, eyebrows, lips and knees & elbows, fingers & toes! Whichever of the two types you are – It’s a great idea to include gentle exfoliation into your weekly routine. Make it a twice a week thing- and you will see how it adds to that glow – and I’ll tell you why! – Exfoliation helps to get rid of the dead skin cells, in turn, resulting in smoother skin that is nice and ready to absorb that serum / moisturizer (a step you should never skip post exfoliation). This in turn makes your skin breathe better, look fresher and healthier!

DIY Homemade Scrubs for Spring time:

  1. Coffee and Coconut Oil Scrub: For gentle exfoliation – I almost always reach out to the ingredients in my kitchen. My favourite has to be ground coffee residue with a tsp of coconut oil. I apply it on my legs, arms, neck and face. And rub it in circular motion with a gentle hand. The coffee tightens the skin, mellows down the puffiness, the coconut oil (summer months also make life so easy with the coconut oil not coagulating) moisturizes it instantly!
  1. Another home-made scrub that I reach out to in the spring months is Lemon, Honey and Sugar. Especially if you have a tan and dulled out skin – the lemon helps with the tan removal! Been following this one, since I was in school!
  2. Methi (fenugreek) Seeds Scrub for blemish free and well moisturized skin – I love methi for my skin as well as my hair. I soak the seeds overnight and blend them into a paste the next day. Gently rub the paste on your face, leave it on for 20 minutes and wash away. If you have dry skin, add some curd and honey to the process.
  1. Baking Soda Scrub! – I got introduced to baking soda through my no-shampoo days. I was hesitant at first, but bit by bit introduced this ingredient to my skin care routine – specifically to remove blackheads on my nose tip. It works like a wonder. But can also be a little too abrasive if you do not keep your hand movement light – so please keep that in mind, especially if you have dry and sensitive skin! – add in some baking soda to your face cleanser – and use it as a gentle scrub.
  2. Last one, that I really liked through my teenage years, but went off it since my skin leans more towards normal dry now – the Oatmeal Scrub. Make a thick-ish paste of oatmeal, milk and olive oil. And use it as a gentle exfoliater. This scrub is especially good for people with oily skin types, and for acne prone skin. The oatmeal absorbs all the extra oil and also has anti inflammatory properties!
    • Sunscreen – the ultimate savior! – The content for this blog post comes out of all the errors I have made in the past, it seems! Here’s another mistake I have committed over and over again – not using a sunscreen! And I am still guilty of not being very diligent with this point! A sunscreen is imperative – be it a sunny or a cloudy day, be it summer or winter, whether you are outdoors or indoors! – A sunscreen has a huge role to play in protecting your skin, preventing skin aging and sunburns. Do choose one as per your skin type – since you do not want to lather an uncomfortable thick coat of it, and see it dripping down in sweat. Always apply this, before your makeup. And apply it a good 15-20 mins before you leave your home!
    • Hydration – This should have probably made it to the top of the list. If you follow all the steps above, and skip this one – it’s all futile. What I mean to say is – this is the most important and quite an under rated point. The heat has hit, pretty much overnight. And we take some time to understand how much water our body’s need through the spring. Thus, I always keep a bottle of water next to me, and keep sipping. Infused water is another way to add in hydration in a fun calorie free manner into your lifestyle. You can infuse your water with cucumber, lemon, mint leaves, a little honey (if you aren’t particular about your caloric intake) too. Sip this on an empty stomach in the morning, and see that puffiness in the hands, feet, lower tummy, face vanish!! Tried and tested! Infused water has anti inflammatory properties and is a fun way to sip on regular water through the day.- Sweat it out! – A good workout, especially a one that makes you sweat is a great pore cleanser – it regulates blood circulation and will help with an instant glow and pink cheeks! And that’s one thing I prefer about my spring summer workouts over the winter ones – that because I sweat more, my skin feels way more cleansed over all!
    • Eat your greens and fruits! – We’ve read this one in multiple blogs, heard way too many people say it… but when I actually got down to following it religiously – I understood that the diet has a huge role to play. With winters going away – it’s a great idea to hydrate the body through fruits and vegetables that are high in water content. Reach out to those yum musk melons, watermelons, citrus fruits and throw in some leafy vegetables like spinach, iceberg lettuce, kale into your meals. You can also look up green smoothie options – trust me, they look weird, but taste yummy, if had chilled!

I really hope these skincare tips help you! Do follow me on my instagram, I share many more skin and hair care DIY Home Scrubs and remedies!

Stay happy, stay safe!


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