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I liked your products very much and your concept of all things from kitchen. Have been using these products since ages.

Garima Bhandari, Yoga Wellness & Image Coach

Mother daughter duo !!! Applying the Re: soul pack TAN OFF!!! Detoxing their faces after a great holiday!!!! hope Mili you and Kavya enjoyed putting the mask!!!

Mili & Kavya, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

I am super impressed with the results and am definitely going to use them long term. Thank you for introducing me to these products Reeya....keep up the good work, best wishes!!...

Kakali Biswas, Entrepreneur, Influencer, Wildlife enthusiast

My mother introduced me to Resoul,as they are absolutely safe for kids also.I have very dry hands especially skin around my nails . When I applied the Rubme lemon hand cream my hands became softer and smell good too. I highly recommend Resoul to my buddies.

Viren Niten Mehta, Student 10 yrs

The products are natural, literally made using kitchen ingredients - raw & basic - just like I like it. No added artificial fragrance.

Vasundhara Sharma, blogger. New Delhi

Resoul products are chemical free and organic.My skin feels so pampered and refreshed after single use.I am thoroughly enjoying them.

Manya Mehta, Teacher, DPS International, Gurgaon

Best face mask I've ever tried on my skin.

Divya, Insta - Sapraize, Skincare - Makeup Influencer

I've tried a lot of brands, various high end brands, organic brands, but this was the first one that really made an impact after the first week. With the Resoul Shineup face scrub, I noticed a difference after the first use. (I even made my husband try it - don't include that though!!!!) I'm hooked & a big fan.

Neha Jain, Homemaker, Delhi

I am so very impressed with your products; I have been using your products for more than two months now and I feel that I look much more youthful. It is so hard to find pure, natural and organic products. I give Resoul so much credit in its efforts to be different than any other brand in the market by truly delivering a product that has no equal. Resoul products are priceless and make you feel freshest!

Shivranjani Rajput, Teacher

I wish oodles of success to you and Resoul... I am so happy using the lip balm - my first successful jar one. I always refrained using a jar one, found it too cumbersome. Last I bought was the Kama one, and it is just so greasy.. This one is perfect.

Archana Saad Akhtar, Aga Khan Foundation

Yess i tried the almond peel pack, it was so nice, left my face really soft and smooth. Also tried the hair oil, which was really nice, seemed to really suit my hair in comparison to other hair oils I have tried before! Thank you so much Resoul!

Pranita Singh, London, UK


Resoul products are household ingredients creating magic. All products have been carefully and thoughtfully designed, keeping ingredients organic with 100% natural preservatives. These premium quality products have been thoughtfully formulated to pamper all ages and all skin types.

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